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Robie the Robot (Spanish)
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Robie the Robot (Spanish)
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Robie the Robot (Spanish)
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Robie the Robot (English)
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Robie the Robot (Spanish)
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Robie the Robot (600-2570)          Features

The Radio Shack Radio-Controlled Robie the Robot is your own personal robot. Under your control, the robot can explore places such as the hallway in your home or the sidewalk outside.

Robie the Robot  (600-2570)       Battery

NOTE: You need two AA battery to power your robot, and one 9-volt battery to power the transmitter.

Use only fresh batteries of the required size and type.
Do not mix old and new batteries.
Never leave dead or weak batteries in the robot or the  transmitter.
If you do not plan to use the robot for several days, remove the batteries.
Dispose of batteries promptly and properly; do not bury or burn them.

You need two AA batteries to power your robot. We recommend alkaline batteries, such as Radio Shack Cat. No. 23-557.

1. Set OFF/ON on the back of the robot to OFF.
2. Use a coin to twist the slot in the battery compartment cover on the bottom of the robot until it opens. Then lift the cover to open it.
CAUTION: The battery compartment cover is hinged. Do not try to remove it.
3. Install the batteries as indicated by the polarity symbols (+ and -)  marked inside the compartment.
4. Push up on the cover until it clicks to secure it.

The transmitter uses one 9-volt battery. We recommend an alkaline battery, such as Cat. No. 23-553.

While pressing down on the battery compartment cover, slide it off to remove it.
2. Install the battery as indicated by the polarity symbols (+ and -)  marked inside the compartment.
3. Replace the cover.  Be sure it snaps into place.

Robie the Robot (600-2570)         Operation


WARNING: Never play with your robot in the street.

CAUTIONS: Do not use the robot on a wet floor, on sand, or in mud, rain, or snow. These can damage it.
If the robot moves slowly, and you have installed fresh batteries, check the wheel mechanisms and remove any lint, thread, hair, or dust you find.

Follow these steps to control the robot.
1. Set OFF/ON on the back of the robot to ON. The robot circles clockwise or runs in a straight line, depending on how the robot was running when it was last turned off.
2. To change the robots direction, press and hold down the transmitter's button. If the robot was running in a straight line, it stops. Then it circles clockwise as long as you hold down the button.  If the robot was circling clockwise, it stops. Then it runs in a straight line as long as you hold the button.
NOTES: Your robot has a mind of its own. It sometimes continues to either circle clockwise or run in a straight line even when you release the transmitter's button. If this happens, simply press the button again to change the robot's direction.

Your robot stops when it runs into anything, but the motor keeps running. If this happens, either press and hold down the button on the transmitter to circle backwards, or move the robot by hand.

3. To stop the robot, press and release the transmitter's button. The robot changes direction, runs for a few seconds, then stops.
4. When you finish controlling the robot, set OFF/ON to OFF.

Robie the Robot (600-2570)     Hints and Tips

These hints can help you get the most enjoyment from your robot.

1. For maximum battery life, turn the robot off for 45 minutes after every 15 minutes of continuous use.
2. If the robot moves slowly or not at all, replace the robot's batteries.
3. If the robot's motor runs but the robot does not respond to the transmitter, move closer to the robot and try again. If the robot's motor still does not respond, replace the transmitter's 9-volt battery.
4. If someone uses a CB nearby, it might interfere with control of the robot. If this happens, move the robot away from the CB.
5. You cannot operate your robot near devices with transmitter's which use the same frequency.

Robie the Robot  (600-2570)    Care and Maintenance

The following suggestions will help you care for your robot so you can enjoy it for years.
Do not expose the robot to temperature extremes.
Wipe the robot with a damp cloth occasionally to keep it looking new.
Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the robot.

Modifying or tampering with the robot's or transmitter's components can cause a malfunction and might invalidate the warranty and void your FCC authorization to operate them.  If the robot does not work properly, take it to your local Radio Shack store for assistance.

Robie the Robot (600-2570)     Parts

To order parts call 1-800-843-7422 or visit your local RadioShack store.

ReferenceCat.No.DescriptionNP Part #

  USE B2300873PKB2300557PK
11435336 MANUAL,USERS 60-2570MU6002570

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