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Heathkit Hero Jr Robot
Hero ® Jr. Robot - Front
Heathkit Hero Jr Robot
Hero ® Jr. Robot - Side
Heathkit Hero Jr Robot
Hero ® Jr. Robot - Side
Heathkit Hero Jr Robot
Hero ® Jr. Robot - Head

Heathkit Hero Jr Robot
Hero ® Jr. Robot - Head
Heathkit Hero Jr Robot
Hero ® Jr. Robot - Bottom
Heathkit Hero Jr Robot
Hero ® Jr. Robot - Controller
Heathkit Hero Jr Robot
Hero ® Jr. Robot - Box

The HERO JR came out after the HERO 1 and was created by the consumer division as a personal robot instead of an educational one. They had about 8 years of sales and 4,000 Hero Jr's. This is one of the reasons that there is not nearly as much technical information about the JR. They borrowed heavily from the HERO 1 robot, but made some changes so that it would be much less expensive and simpler to operate. The HERO 1 and HERO JR both share a common version of Wintek Tiny BASIC with the only difference being the extra support for the Arm commands on the HERO 1.

A friendly robot, HERO JR will fit right in with your family and into your home. It singing songs like "Daisy" and "America"; saying preprogrammed phrases; exploring and moving about, using sensors to avoid obstacles and seek out humans; playing games; telling nursery rhymes; and gabbing in "Roblish." He guards your home and can even wake you in the morning and guide you through an exercise routine. It explores its surroundings and seeks to remain near human companions.

With this time-keeping ability, HERO JR can act as an alarm clock and awaken you at a specified time. After your wake-up call, it listens to be sure you are awake or permits two ten minute snoozes if you desire.

It can also be made to announce the week day, date and time at set intervals or just at one important time and date. A DEMO feature activates a built-in "Robot Variety Show" which demonstrates the Robot's ability to see, hear, speak, tell time and move. HERO JR can carry your favorite beverage (up to 10 lbs.) in a 94 cubic inch compartment.

HERO JR can guard your home against intruders and can be used with the GDA-2800 Security System. The Robot give a verbal warning and asks for a password when its sensors detect a presence. The wrong or no response causes HERO JR to activate the security system.

HERO JR has a 17 key keypad which lets you modify its personality to initiate a task. The keypad has clearly marked function keys including Sing, Play, Poet, Gab, Alarm, Guard, Help, Plan, Setup, and Enter. Eight LED's flash in time with speech.

RTA-1-1 Infra-red motion detector on head range about 35' long x 20' wide
RTA-1-2 Remote control accessory offers manual, wireless control of HERO JR's movements up to 100' away, operates at 75Mhz.
RTA-1-3 RS232 interface allows use of the BASIC cartridge
RTA-1-4 Two extra batteries (doubles the capacity)
RTA-1-5 Cartridge Adapter, permits use of plug in cartridges, with 8k RAM
RF Transmitter to set off Home security system

Plug in cartridges:
RTC-1-1 Trivia Quotes (Trivia game)
RTC-1-2 Songs, phrases and Rhymes #1 (Adds to personality)
RTC-1-3 Animals, Blackjack, and Tic Tac Toe
RTC-1-4 Special Occasions (Jungle Bells, Auld Lang Syne)
RTC-1-5 Math Master a timed math game
RTC-1-6 Riddle Robot/Tongue Twister
RTC-1-7 Philosopher
RTC-1-8 HERO JR BASIC (program the HERO JR with simple BASIC commands)
RTC-1-9 HEROBICS (10 Exercises, 4 levels of difficulty)
RTC-1-10 HERO JR Program Language (Program HERO JR with the keypad)
RTC-1-11 Musical Chairs with Acey-Ducey and Robot mind reader

NEW: HERO Jr Master Cartridge that contains all twelve of the above cartridges listed above in a single cartridge! This is simple the best option for your HERO Jr robot.

HERO Robots Formerly from Heathkit, then Mobile Ed Productions!

Source: My Collection, Robot Workshop, Private Hobbyist Collection - Updated 02-14-2009