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Replacing the Battery in the Robo Scout® Controller by Sharper Image Design ®

This process Addresses the Mechanical Disassembly of the Robot and does not address the Electronics. This Robot controller has IC's and transistors and static discharge can damage the electronics. It is recommended that you have and use a Static grounding wrist strap.

Replacing the Battery in the Robo Scout ® Controller

Robo Scout ®Controller
Click to enlarge.

Robo Scout ®Controller

1. Using a phillips screwdriver remove the six screws from the back of the controller.

Robo Scout ®Controller

Robo Scout ®Controller
2. Remove the two outer antennas from the controller.
Turn to the left and unscrew them. (BE CAREFUL)

3. Gently seperate the front housing from the rear. (DO NOT OVER SPREAD - OPEN CEARFULLY) The antenna cable is attached to the circuit board.

Robo Scout ®Controller

Robo Scout ®Controller
4. Unplug the battery cable.
5. Remove the two screws from the battery retainer.

6. Remove the battery.

Robo Scout ®Controller

Robo Scout ®Controller

7. The battery is wrapped in protective covering so remove the covering.
8. To reassemble the Robo Scout® Controller reverse the procedure.

Robo Scout ®Controller

Robo Scout ®Controller
9. The Original Battery (Not readily available)

Sunnyway Battery Tech Co Ltd
SW128 - 12VDC 0.8AH
Dimensions: Height: 62mm X Length: 96mm X Width: 25mm
Weight: about 350g

10. Replacet Battery; - NPO.8-12W 12VDC 0.8Ah

Terminal Type - WL - 12 Volt .8 AH
Dimensions - 3.82 L x 1.00 W x 2.44 H
Weight - .12 pounds

Robo Scout ®Controller

Robo Scout ®Controller
11. Replacet Battery; - Power-Sonic 12V/.8AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
w/ WL Terminal - SKU: PS-1208

Dimensions: Length 3.80 inch / 9.65 cm X Width 1.00 inch / 2.54 cm
X Height 2.4 inch / 6.10 cm - Weight 0.85 lb / 385.55 g

12. This is the Charger for the Robo Scout® Controller.
Sharper Image Design®
Model No: SI 583 - CAT. No.: 48-15-700
INPUT: 120V 60Hz 19W - OUTPUT: 15VDC 700mA
Polarity: Positive Center

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Source: My Collection - Updated 11-31-2008