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Omnibot ® Robie Sr. Disassembly Procedure

This process Addresses the Mechanical Disassembly of the Robot and does not address the Electronics. Accompany this Procedure is additional pictures that you can expand to see more details as needed. This Robot has IC's and Transistors and are of the earlier designs. Static discharge can damage the electronics. It is recommended that you have and use a Static grounding wrist strap.
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1. Make sure the robot is switched off. Turn the left and right ears toward the front of the robot one quater turn. Do not force the ears because you can break off the ear tabs if they are forced.
2. Remove the faceplate and place all three parts in a safe remote place. If these parts are broken they cannot be replaced.
3. Make sure the robot is off. Open the rear door and remove the battery retainer and the large 6 V 4 AH DC rechargeable battery and the one small AA battery's. Put the door aside.
4. Turn the robot on to his back make sure that the head is free and not supporting the robot, then remove the eight screws from the bottom of the robot keeping the base and housing together.
Keep these screws seperate to reinstall the base.
5. Separate the bottom base slowly from the housing from the robot removing the (4) four seperators.
6. Turn the base and unplug the plug from the drive box that go to the robot.
7. Turn the robot in the upright position.

8. Remove the six screws from the back of the robot, and spread it apart slowly and very little (1 inch). (BE CAREFUL)

9. Seperate the front from the rear housing just enough to remove the head from the housing.
10. Unplug the head and put it aside.
11. Remove the right and left arms and place them on the table.
12. Unplug the rest of the wires from the front and rear housing and seperate.
  The robot is disassembled. To reassemble the robot reverse the procedure

The front and rear housings are now seperate.

Dissassembly of the Head.
a. Turn the heead upside down and remove the two screws from the bottom plate.

b. Using a small flat screwdriver rais the two tabs gently about 1/32 of a inch while twisting the base. Do not force the tabs as they will break off. ( These are locking tabs only)

c. Remove the base.

d. Turn the head upside down and remove the five screws from the bottom housing of the head.

e. Seperate the head housings.

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Source: MyCollection - Updated 2-18-2008