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Robie Jr ® by Radio Shack ® - Battery Replacement Procedure

Battery Replacement Procedure
Replacing four (4) D size batteries with 6 V DC Rechargable Battery
with Pin spacing 0.1" for the connector. - Click to Enlarge
A. Cable and plug.
Pin spacing 0.1"
Click to Enlarge
B. Replacement Battery 6 VDC 1.3 AH - CAT# GC-613
Size 3.85"X2.10"X0.98"
Click to Enlarge
The above are the parts that is needed to replace the four "D" size batteries with one rechargable battery.
1. Take five screws from the bottom of the robot.
2. Turn the robot up and separate cheerfully.
3. Unplug the five plugs from the robot.
( They are keyed and color and pin coded. )
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4. Solder the plug and wire to the (+) positive
and (-) negative terminals as shown.
5. Reassemble the robot.
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5. Plug in the battery and close the door.
( You are ready to go. )
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Source: My Collection - Updated 8-19-2008