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"OMNIBOT FAN BOOK- i-SOBOT & 80's Robot Collection" Also contains "The Old Robots Web Site"

"OMNIBOT FAN BOOK- i-SOBOT & 80's Robot Collection"
The first i-SOBOT book "Omnibot Fan Book - i-SOBOT and 80's Robot" in Japanese, courtesy of "TECHN'O'TAKU" AKIRA II'D'UKA, has hit bookstores in Japan now. The TOMY i-SOBOT— is a fully functional bipedal humanoid robot for the serious hobbyist. The book also contains the older version of the Omnibot family and would be a delight to the Omnibot Hobbyist. The Old Robots Web Site is also included in the book....
If you own a Omnibot you should have this book. It's Amazing!

To get a book, see the following web sites: Amazon.co.jp YesAsia.com - Courtesy of : AKIRA "TECHN'O'TAKU" II'D'UKA

Source: AKIRA "TECHN'O'TAKU" II'D'UKA, Robot-Dreams.com, My Collection - Updated 1-27-2008