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Talking Tutor Robot
Tomytime Talking Tutor Robot by Tomy ®
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Talking Tutor Robot
Talking Tutor Robot "Big Fun" by Tomy ®
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Talking Tutor Robot
Preschool Talking Tutor Robot by Tomy ®
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Preschool Talking Tutor Robot; Talking Tutor Robot "Big Fun"; Tomytime Talking Tutor Robot by Tomy. ®

Talking Tutor Robot 1986 Tomy ® Preschool, measures approx 8" in height and includes 50 two sided question cards, instructions and decal sheet. Toy requires 1 "D" size battery.
Dear Mom and Dad. Play can be a fun way to communicate with your child. try some of the ideas below!

  • Education - Teach your child basic reading & math skills in a fun & entertaining way.
  • Picture Association - Help your child discover why pictures go together & animals live where they do.
I'll ask you questions. You give me answers. I'll tell you right from wrong. Asks & Answers 100 Questions! I'll ask questions like:
  • Match the begining sound?
  • Where do they live?
  • How many are there? And More!

Source: Private Hobbist Collector, My Collection - Updated 04-14-2009