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  Robots in the Classroom, Research and Space - by Pat Stakem | Previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Next |  

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Personal Robots Robot
See Note #1 :
Personal Robots Cover Robot
See Note #2 :
Robots in Space Robot
See Note #3 :
Grover Project Specification Robot
See Note #4 :
r1d2 motor driver Robot
See Note #5 :
r1d2 ppad1 Robot
See Note #6 :
Note #1: Personal robots book. Available on Amazon Kindle, or for download here.
Note #2: Cover of the book.
Note #3: Book about Robot and Telerobotic usage in Space.
Note #4: This is the Specification document for the Greenland Rover, from the Team at NASA-Goddard Space flight Center.
Note #5: Drive circuit used for the motors on R2D2. Developed in an NSF-funded student project at Loyola College, it was a simple dual H-bridge design.
Note #6: If you want to get really basic, you can build a simple circuit to make a cheap and dirty D to A converter, using the printer port of a pc. This drives the H-bridge, and is dual channel.
             Called PPAD – parallel port A to D. Just print your voltage…

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Source: Patrick H. Stakem - Updated 01-14-2015