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Wow Wee Instruction / User Manuals

Robosapien Jr .pdf

Robosapien V2 .pdf

Robosapien V2 Trouble .pdf

Femisapien .pdf

Femisapien Controller .pdf

To Download Instruction Manuals Click On The Images. These files are large. They are Free. These files are as clean as I can make them, they all work for me, you download at your own risk. No Warranties Express or Implied. It is suggested that you do not Open The files in your browser window. Right Click on your mouse button and "Save Target" or "Save Link" to your computer. The file will or should start downloading/or ask you where to download to, and give you a window. All browsers will not work the same.

Robosapien .pdf

RS Manual .pdf

RS QuickStart .pdf

Roboreptile .pdf

Robopet .pdf

Joebot .pdf

Roboremote .pdf

Tri-bot .pdf

Roborover .pdf

Mr. Personality .pdf

Robopanda .pdf

Wrex Dawg .pdf

Roboscooper IM .pdf

Rovio Manual .pdf

Rovio V5 Manual .pdf

Robosapien X Manual .pdf

RoboMe Manual .pdf

Spidersapien/Robosapien .pdf

MiP User Manual .pdf

Roboboa .pdf

Roboquad .pdf

Roboraptor .pdf

Joebot_de .pdf
(Deutsch / German)

Robosapien de fr .pdf
(Deutsch / German)

Robosapien V2 de .pdf
(Deutsch / German)

(Deutsch / German)

Robosapien sv .pdf
(Deutsch / German)

RoboScooper_de_en_fr .pdf
(Deutsch / German)

Tripot de .pdf
(Deutsch / German)

RoboQuad_de .pdf
(Deutsch / German)

Roboraptor_de .pdf
(Deutsch / German)





Source: My Collection - Updated 2-14-2008