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Omnibot 2000 by Tomy
Omnibot 2000 ® 5405 by Tomy ®
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Omnibot 2000 Robot
Omnibot 2000 ® - Front
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Omnibot 2000 Robot
Omnibot 2000 ® - Back
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Omnibot 2000 Robot
Omnibot 2000 ® - Side
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Omnibot 2000 ® - Side
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Omnibot ® 2000 - 5405 by Tomy ®
Tomy ® has created many toy robots throughout the years and in the 80's created a line of small Personal robots. They don't have a true onboard programmable computer but are fun nonetheless. The top of the line was the Omnibot which could pour drinks on a special serving tray. The programming is done by recording the movement commands to a regular cassette tape which can be played back at certain times by using the built-in clock.
Years produced: 1984 - 1988 ; Original price: 600.00

Specifications :

    1. Tape recorder two tracks, mono tape type: normal tape speed: +/- 0.3% deviation: less then 0.3%
    2. Alarm clock display: LCD accuracy: +/- 3 sec/day power: 1.5v AA battery duration: typical 5000 hours
    3. Recharger coax plug in: 120vac, out: (negative middle), 6vdc 300ma
    4. Main Battery type: closed, lead gel-cell power: 6v, 4.0ah
    5. General Operating time: 4 hours Load display: Red light, shows discharge at 5.7v operating temp: 5 deg - 40 deg celsius
    6. Microphone type: dynamic, 300 - 600 ohms
    7. Operating R/C frequency: The Remote came in 3 Frequencies: 49.860 Mhz (US), 27.145 Mhz (Europe), 40.680 Mhz (TAL)
    8. External outlets: Output: 6vdc Speaker: 8 ohms R/C: output 5vdc, 800ma Timer: output 6vdc, 100ma Sensor: only for Tomy accessory
    9. Bulbs for eye-lights 2.8v, 200ma use not more than 3v 250ma 10. Remote Control 4 * 1.5v (AA)
A built-in digital clock
A built-in Cassette Unit
A programmable alarm system with 3 different alarm sound
A programmable cassette system to start & stop tapes at any time
A memory capable of holding 7 different programs
An onboard speaker to mix your voice with pre-recorded music
Remote control operation with the Master Control Unit
Program movement, voice, and robot sounds onto tapes that can be played back for later execution
Automated arm, wrist, hand, and head
A motorized tray for carrying and delivering objects and serving drinks
Audio strobe Headlight eyes
Accessory Interface Panel for optional Omnibot accessories
External jack for adding on a speaker

Remote Features: The Master Control Unit (MCU) has an antenna with its power switch & indicator. It has a button to push in to talk through its microphone to the robot in which the robot will respond with eyes flickering. It has all the buttons to control the robot as follows: LEFT side of remote has arm up/down, wrist left/right, finger open/clamp, head right/left; RIGHT side of remote controls movement of robot to go forward/reverse, left/right turn, then the gear change in speed; also buttons for tape start/stop, omnibot sounds, light on/off key.
The Remote came in 3 Frequencies: 49.860 Mhz (US) ; 27.145 Mhz (Europe) ; 40.680 Mhz (TAL)

Remote Control Commands: Power Switch On/Off ; Arm Control - up/down - wrist clockwise/counterclockwise ; Direction - Forward - Back - Left - Right; Finger Open - Finger Close - Head Right - Head Left ; Gear Change ; Tape Start/Stop ; Omnibot Sounds ; Light On/Off *Eyes

Miscellaneous : Battery Size: 2 3/4" L x 1 3/4" W x 4" H ; Battery and Charger info: Omnibot 2000 requires two (2) AA batteries to run the tape deck and four (4) AA batteries for the remote. The main power supply is the 6-volt 4-Amp Hour rechargeable sealed battery. The Charger is a 6 Volt 300 ma.

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    Source: My Collection - Updated 02-14-2009