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RB5X Robot

RB5X Robot "The Intelligent Robot 1984."

The RB5X is versatile, teaching life-long skills that are invaluable in many fields of study and employment. The RB5X incorporates infrared sensing, ultrasound sonar, remote audio/video transmission, 8 sensors/bumpers, voice synthesizer, and a 5 axis armature that can lift a full pound. The RB5X can play interactive games with up to 8 people. Programs can be written and downloaded from any computer--Apple Macintosh, DOS, Windows, or Linux/Unix. Manuals and schematics are available from RB Robotics as well as a reference manuals that are in PDF format available in their download section.

The RB5X Intelligent Robot is a sophisticated engineering effort whose microelectronics and machinery can be compared to the complex make-up of humans. Like a person, RB5X consists of a collection of subsystem "organs" that work together to make the robot function and become more than the sum of its parts, except that the comparatively crude organs consist of electronic and mechanical devices.

Brain: RB5X brain is an on-board microprocessor, the INS8073 that works in conjunction with the robot's software to permit the RB5X to learn from its sensory experiences. Using this self learning software, the RB5X progresses from simple, random responses to eventual prediction of future events in its environment, based on analysis of past experience.

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