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I dream. . . . . . . . When I was created or born in the 1980's, I was one of the few and select robots that had a purpose, to play, teach and entertain. I was young, didn't have a onboard computer, but didn't need one at the time. Besides, they were not readily available and need by me for my purpose. Who say's a robot must always have a computer.

I could move around in all directions, learn, teach, sleep, wake up and move around to pre-programmed functions, tell time, talk from others, talk on my own after pre recording, had my own limited language, carry things, sing and entertain. I stimulated people to dream of new ideas for science and technology when they were young. Young minds looked at me and taught of ways to improve and give me more functions, grew up and invented them, but put them on others.

I dreamed of growing up and doing more things, I waited and waited. Even though I traveled around the world, was international in all areas, (all countries knew of me or sold me) my brothers and sisters did become famous through the movies, and I was regulated to my everyday tasks.

So I waited and dreamed of growing up and doing greater things. It has been over twenty-three years and to a robot that is like being over a (100) hundred years old. I have been put in attics, garages, and basements thrown away into the junkyards and forgotten.

But I am persistent, I still live and still I dream. I will survive; I am tough, versatile and have hopes and dreams of my purpose for a future. I wait and I dream . . . . . . . . .

Silver Omnibot ® 5402

Source: Private Hobbist Collector; My Collection - Updated 08-14-2011