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Robot Arm
Heathkit Robot Arm Trainer
Heathkit Robot Arm Trainer

ETS-19-32 The Arm Trainer - The Robot Arm Trainer is designed to simulate the operation of full scale industrial robots. It's the most effective and complete learning aid available. And it's simple to understand and operate, so you can spend your time learning by doing.

The Trainer features five axes of motion, including wrist pitch and roll for precise pick-and-place movements. The Arm can lift 1 lb., Gripper force is 0 to 3 3/4 lbs., while the gripper opening is 4 3/8". There's also a patented sense-of-touch gripper that is programmable to exert specific amounts of force. Range of motion for the torso is -180 to 170 degrees; for the arm, 0 to 140 degrees; for the elbow, 0 to 180 degrees; for the wrist pitch, -90 to 180 degrees; for wrist roll, -180 to 180 degrees; and for the gripper, 0 to 8 arbitrary units.

The axes speed of motion for the torso is 8 to 33 degrees per second; for the Arm and elbow, 3 to 15 degrees per second; for the wrist pitch and roll 15 to 70 degrees per second; and for the gripper, 1.8 degrees per second. An on-board 8-bit CPU and six slave microprocessors control simultaneous operation of all the Trainer's functions. No external computer is required for operation.

Six closed-loop DC servomotors provide smooth motion and accurately move the Arm through all its axes. The closed-loop system monitors both speed and position of each servomotor and reports to the controlling microprocessor.

In addition, the Trainer has menu-driven software that's programmed to provide you with command options. It leads you through the Trainer's operations and eliminates the need for constant reference to manuals. You can also program the Trainer to do tasks consisting of up to 50 steps and even link tasks to create larger application programs. And it's easy to simulate real industrial applications with the Trainer's exact repeatability and accuracy.

The Robot Arm Trainer also has protective features that make it safe for beginners or trainees. The top-mounted Emergency Stop Switch interrupts the Trainer instantly without aborting the task in progress. Reset the switch and the Trainer resumes the task at the point of interruption. Also, built-in software limits ensure that the Trainer won't be damaged by exceeding its physical limitations, even if commanded to do so. Protective shrouds keep you away from the Trainer's moving parts. Also included in this practical and comprehensive trainer package is 48KB RAM, 32KB ROM, and a Z80A control CPU operating at 4 Mhz. The Robot Arm Trainer also comes with an industrial-type teaching pendant with a 17-key membrane pad and 16-character LCD readout, and a built-in RS-232 port to interface with a terminal or an external computer, allowing you to create, edit, and store programmed tasks at a computer terminal.

An optional cassette interface accessory permits you to store programs on standard cassette tapes. In addition, an 8-channel status port can send and receive data signals, permitting the Robot Arm Trainer to communicate with external sensors and other robotic devices. An internal set of diagnostic routines aid in alignment procedures and provide system checks. Now you can learn the fundamentals of robotics in industry and turn your understanding of robotics theory into hands-on experience with the Robot Arm Trainer. Trainer includes arm and base - both built to last.

Main processor Z80A @ 4Mhz, 6 slave processors (one for each servo motor), 48K RAM, 32K ROM (16K Each ROM, it is bank switched as needed), 17 key membrane teaching pendant with 16-character LCD display, RS-232 serial port, 8 bit parallel I/O port

ETW-19-31 Cassette interface
I/O board for use with optional courseware.

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