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Talk 'n Walk Robot ; Radio Shack No# 60-2537

Talk 'n Walk Robot - Features
  • Walks and talks,
  • Raises and lowers arms,
  • Eyes light up,
  • Weapon fires with sound and light,
  • Two voice commands

Talk 'n Walk Robot - Battery
    Requires 2 "AA" batteries.  Alkaline batteries, such as Radio Shack Cat. No. 23-552 are recommended.

  • CAUTIONS:  Use only fresh batteries of the recommended size and type. NEVER leave dead or weak batteries in the robot. If robot will not be used for several days, remove the batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries. Dispose of batteries properly, do not bury or burn them.
  • To install batteries:

  • 1.  Open the battery compartment by pushing down and sliding the battery cover in the direction of the arrow and lifting up.
  • 2.  Insert the batteries matching the + and - marks.
  • 3.  Lower the battery cover and slide it up until it snaps tightly into place.

Talk 'n Walk Robot - Operation

To use your robot:

    Press and hold the up arrow to move your robot.
    Press the down arrow to raise his gun.
    Press the left button and the robot shouts "Hands up!"
    Press the middle button and the robot shouts "Drop your weapon!"
    Press the right button to hear the sound of the gun shooting.
    Press and hold the up arrow again and the robot puts down his gun and walks.

Talk 'n Walk Robot - Care and Maintenance

To enjoy to Talk 'n Walk Robot for a long time:
    If your robots movement becomes slow or his voice weakens, replace the batteries with fresh ones.
    Keep him out of dirt and water.
    Don't walk your robot on carpet.
    Clean him with a damp cloth to keep him looking good.
    Don't take him apart!  If something is wrong with the robot, take him to your local Radio Shack store for help.

Source: Internet - Updated 06-14-2016