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Mega Byte RobotsMega Byte Robots

MEGA-BYTE is a fully interactive, infra-red remote control, robotic Hound Droid. The Ultimate Pet for the 21st Century!

Preprogrammed Functions

Hungry: Occasionally MEGA-BYTE will become hungry, he'll let you know by barking and his ears will rotate. When this occurs, feed MEGA-BYTE by pressing and holding the Feeding button on the hand controller (button D), he'll respond with a swallowing sound effect and his ears will spin.

Short Circuit Behavior: Every now and again MEGA-BYTE behaves like he's short circuiting - he gets a little crazy as if he's blowing a fuse in his brain box. He'll let you know by barking, with eyes flashing and moving in random directions. To stabilized his programming, he needs resetting. This can be done by pressing the reset button on the hand control unit (button D), or by pressing the reset button on the rear of MEGA-BYTE's body.

Storage Space: Storage space is available in the compartment on top of MEGA-BYTE's body. Do not place liquid, sand, dirt or other small grain material in back of MEGA-BYTE, as this may cause damage to the internal mechanism.

IMPORTANT Note: MEGA-BYTE is controlled by infra-red remote control. This requires the hand controller beam to be focused towards MEGA-BYTE's tail area during operation. Problems may occur when using MEGA-BYTE in low lighting. Infra-red technology works best in daytime conditions.

Mega-Byte The Hound Droid 600-1206 Operation

Operating Instructions:

Battery Details: - Please ensure batteries are inserted correctly (see Faxback Doc. # 63428).

ON/OFF Button: - The ON/OFF button is a silver bolt located at the rear, right hand side of MEGA-BYTE's body. Turn the bolt counterclockwise until you hear a little beep to switch on, and clockwise (return to the center position) to switch off.

Hand Controller Operation:
Joystick Control: - The twin joysticks on the remote control unit, function to give MEGA-BYTE maximum maneuverability.
Press both sticks forward to move forward, pull both sticks back to travel backwards.
Pushing a single stick either forwards or backwards will serve to instruct MEGA-BYTE to turn a wide circle (left or right depending on the stick operated).
Pushing both sticks together in opposite directions will cause MEGA-BYTE to spin on the spot (again left or right depending on the direction of the sticks operated).
Hand Controller Function Buttons:

The function buttons are identified from left to right with the controller pointed away from the operator, and going from left to right, as follows:

First Left Hand Button - 'A'
Second Left hand Button - 'B'
First Right Hand Button - 'C'
Second Right Hand Button - 'D'

Angry Dog (button 'A'): - Press this button once for angry barking action with flashing eyes.
Protect (button 'A'): - Press and hold this button for protective barking, eyes flashing and short, rapid movements forward and backward.
Barking #1 (button 'B'): - Press this button once for barking with MEGA BYTE's satellite ears spinning around.
Barking #2 (button 'B'): - Press and hold this button for barking with MEGA-BYTE's head swinging side to side and Mouth chomping action.

Short Circuit Behavior - Press this button and MEGA-BYTE goes a little (button 'C'): crazy, and behaves like he's blown a fuse.
Reset Command - Press this button once to stop/reset all (button 'D'): functions.
Feeding (button 'D'): - Press and hold this button for MEGA-BYTE feeding (swallowing) sound effect, with spinning ears.

MEGA-BYTE Guard Function:
Guard Function: - MEGA-BYTE is programmed with a Guard function allowing him to remain alert, even when you're asleep! The Guard function is activated by the same bolt as the ON/OFF control. This time turn the bolt clockwise from the OFF position until you hear a little beep. MEGA-BYTE will now be in the Guard mode and his sonic sensor will react to noise, causing him to bark at any intruders.

To stop the barking, press the Reset bolt at the rear of MEGA-BYTE's body on the left hand side of the ON/OFF bolt. To return MEGA-BYTE to normal play mode, turn the ON/OFF bolt counterclockwise to the ON position.

Mega-Byte The Hound Droid 600-1206 Batteries


Important Battery Information:

Do not mix old and new batteries.
Do not mix alkaline, standard (Carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel cadmium) batteries.
Rechargeable batteries are not recommended.
Batteries should be replace by adults because of small parts.
Batteries are to be inserted with correct polarity.
Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged.
Only batteries of the same or equivalent type as recommended are to be used.
Exhausted batteries are to be removed from the toy.
The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.

Replacing Batteries in the Hand Controller

The Hand Controller requires 3 'AA' batteries.

To replace batteries, unscrew the single screw on battery cover on bottom of the Hand Controller, then lift to open the cover. Insert 3 'AA' batteries in the compartment according to the polarity (+ and -) marked inside.
Close the battery compartment cover and secure it with the screw.

Replacing Batteries in the MEGA-BYTE Main Unit

The Main Unit requires 4 'C' batteries.
To replace the batteries, unscrew the single screw on the battery cover and lift the cover to open it. Insert 4 'C' batteries in the compartment according to the polarity symbols (+ and -) marked inside.
Close the battery compartment cover and secure it with the screw.

METABYTE-THE HOUND DR0ID 600-1206 Parts List

Reference #            Cat.No.   Description               NP Part #
                       12291654  DOOR BATTERY REMOTE       DB90651
                       12291688  DOOR BATTERY DOG BODY      DB90652
                       12291662  MOTOR FA-130RA-14150      MD91036
                       12291670  MOTOR FA-130RA-18100      MD91037
                       12291639  MANUAL USERS 60-1206      MU6001206
                       12291647  REMOTE CONTROL            ZA90304

Source: My Collection, Internet - Updated 08-14-2009